Tuesday, October 26, 2010

25 Units...550 Calories...

My follistim shot HURT tonight. OUCH. It still burns as I write this. I'm thinking I hit a stretch mark or something. I have yet to check for blood, but I'm certain that if I did that I would pass out from the site. Ok, so I just checked and yup I hit a stretch mark OUCH. I'm a bit concerned that I'm not feeling any differently yet. I know, I'm only on CD 7, and hello we've only been stimulating for 5 nights. Actually concerned isn't even what I'm feeling, I'm feeling fairly mellow. I'm actually MORE excited at the prospect of bringing Bentley (our puppy) home next month!

Most women who are cycling (generalizing here) research egg quality, FSH count, IUI days, estimated due dates, and how many embryo's they need to get as best a shot at pregnancy as possible. Me, I'm researching crate training, the potty patch, and yes a bit about this breed with a baby...so I'm not a total loss as an infertility patient!

My work out tonight again was good. I don't think it was as effective as last nights, but I still feel the endorphins flowing! I'm actually STARVING now. I wasn't hungry when I got home, but now after burning 550 calories I'm hungry...and well since I'm trying to grow eggs that will potentially become one half of a very cute baby I better go feed this body.

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