Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Best Guess...

I've always known that at some point our infertility adventure would come to an end. Every journey does, I just guess I never thought about it coming to an end when our limited infertility coverage did. I guess I supposed that it would be on our terms. We would either be parents or we would simply have exhausted both our patience and our finances.

Certainly I do not know what the change in our medication coverage will mean. I hopeful that a doctor will be smart enough to realize that they are simply trying to circumvent "extra" medication floating around needlessly out there. My best guess is that the doctor would simply have the medication delivered to his/her office and the patient would take it home. Of course this is all a guess...and they could be wrong...

I'm hopeful still that we won't reach the end based on insurance, but you never know. I'm already feeling twinges in my ovaries from the growing follicles, and tonight I will give myself another injection of potential life growing medication.

I suppose I should stop worrying so much and just focus. There is a miracle out there...and who knows perhaps it could be mine!

In other news, we're getting closer to bringing Bentley home. I'm so excited. I actually feel like an expectant parent! There is so much to buy, and so much to do! Just like if i were pregnant...I guess.

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