Wednesday, October 27, 2010


A friend of mine works for a doctors office and they received a bulletin from my insurance company. It appears that effective January 3, 2011 that they are no longer going to cover injectable medications such as Cetrotide, Ovidrel, Follistim, Gonal F and the like UNLESS they are to be injected by a physician at the office. Now OK, that is all fine and good-the way around that is that the physician will write the order and have it delivered to their office. Simple enough, but really truly you're now going to have doctors who see more dollar signs and want you to pay your $10, $20, or what ever co-pay you happen to have just to come in for an injection!

While I'm so hopeful that I do not need their services come January 3, 2011 what if I do? I can't afford a 12 day trip to the RE's office just to get a shot. Nor can I afford to purchase Follistim at pharmacy prices.

Of course it could all go to hell anyway and we could have different coverage all together--which is a possibility. Our company is visiting with differing insurance companies to determine where they can save the most money. Of course if either happens then we have literally TWO cycles in which to get pregnant...and if they fail then very realistically we're done TTC. I hate insurance companies!

I'm infertile which is just as devastating to me as if you said you had to cut off my right arm. The only difference between my miscarriages/infertility and loosing my arm is that I've gotten to be quite fond of my right arm!

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