Monday, October 25, 2010

Splish Splash...Day 2

I tried to find an excuse not to go the water aerobics class. I thought I was getting a headache, I thought I had a sore throat, I thought my period hadn't quite ended. Excuse after excuse but I went. I will admit I was more than self conscious in the locker room but that too was needless. If you're willing to let me see your cellulite then I should have no qualms you seeing mine. Still, I dressed and undressed with the finesse of any former band geek.

I was the youngest woman in the class, and that made me feel a bit self conscious at first, but one lady was very friendly so that put me at ease. She told me that the goal was resistance and that coordination would come with time. Boy I hope so because doing rocking horses is not a strong point for me but I tried! By the end of the hour I was certainly tired.

As for this being something I can do when I get pregnant I'm not so sure. Yes its a great low impact work out, but that is the only thing that is low intensity about it. So I shall go for as long as I can, and who knows maybe loose a pound or two along the way while making a new friend?

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