Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day One...202 Pounds...And a Puppy...

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Today was my first day back to the gym. In January I joined and managed to loose 27 pounds. In June when sperm + egg = embryos but no pregnancy my drive to continue on the weight loss path turned into a path heading for the cookie, ice cream, and candy isle at the grocery store. Of course my husband, like the slim quick commercial decides that he's going to loose weight and he does--60 pounds to be exact since the same time I stopped working out. Sigh. Anyway, we jointly decided at the same time that we should go back to the gym. Coincidentally my re-emergence at the gym is on cycle day 5 of a treatment cycle. Can we say glutton for punishment? I can almost guarantee that along with the lovely headache I had for two days that I will also be assured that I will "gain" 5 pounds by months end just because...

202 pounds-that was my weight today. I stood on the scale and almost cried. I've never been super model slim, but now I'm obese. Of course it's not the most ideal time to be trying to loose weight BUT I know from my last pregnancy that the gym and getting pregnant went hand in hand. I have my RE's blessing with the understanding that once ovulation induction has commenced that my training will need to be modified, and that I am NOT to go on a crash diet--IE NO Slim Fast, or Apple Cider Vinegar. I'm simply to cut my calories while still eating a balance of carbs, proteins and fats. I can handle this! Tomorrow I'm going to my first water aerobics class-the reason I've decided on this approach is because its something I'm hoping to be able to continue while pregnant!

And a husband I have kicked around adding a puppy to our family. Him, not as much as me. He'd rather kick the puppy than bring one home--not that he would actually kick the puppy, no, he just isn't a puppy person. He loves cats, they are independent and tend not to chew ones shoes. Still he has given the go ahead and adopt a furry friend. Little did we know that adopting a puppy would be easier than a human baby...for after a few emails and a phone call we're set up to bring out baby home on the 25th of November.

So folks that was day one...I have no idea what days 2-365 will hold...but I can tell you that we will talk about fertility, weight, weight loss, marriage, and I'm sure...the puppy when she comes home too...

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  1. I'm considered obese at 150 pounds....weight (like age) is relevant I guess. Although, healthy, broke, and fertile. Isn't that what they say?