Saturday, January 8, 2011

1-2-3 POUNDS!

Ok so it's improbable that someone who just stopped going to the gym and started eating everything in site would suddenly loose three pounds in a week by simply cutting their calories, and going back to the gym but that is what the scale told me this morning. It only groaned a little bit when I stepped on its tempered glass surface rather than screaming in sheer agony. This is a plus.

Let me recap--

Last year when I went to the GYN for my annual the tech said "I need to weigh you" My response was "That's not necessary I weigh 216 pounds." The tech looked at me suspiciously "No, I need to weigh you" I kicked off my shoes, took the keys out of my pocket, and asked if I could remove my bra for I was certain the under wire would throw the scale off. When the number appeared on the digital read out I quivered in fear. Not only did I not weight 216 pounds I was 7 pounds heavier.

The GYN didn't say much as my BP was normal, and I promised that I would take the weight off before I saw her in a year. Apparently I was convincing because I walked out with a shiny new script for the Nuva Ring despite being way over weight and 35. That night I started to work out religiously. Every night I went to the gym. I also put myself on a rigorous diet-100 calorie pack and yogurt for breakfast, a sensible lunch for approximately 300 calories, and what ever I wanted for dinner--thus keeping my caloric intake under 1500 a day for food consumption and then burning an additional 300 or so at night. I was netting a reasonable 1200 calories a day--within 3 months I had lost 17 pounds. People at work were commenting on the loss and I beamed with pride. Here I was with PCOS and I was loosing weight!

Then in May we decided that it was finally time to give another IUI a try sitting firmly at 195 pounds--only 15 pounds heavier than I was when we got married. I was so certain that I would get pregnant with all that weight gone... Well of course I worked out religiously until ovulation. Then I quit. I didn't want to jinx implantation. When my cycle came I took another week off because it was heavy as failed IUI cycles tend to be. By then I had been away from the gym for 3 weeks. Three became four, four became five. Then I stopped going at all. My husband of course had picked up where I dropped off--he was walking at night and riding his road bike at least 3 times a week-sometimes to work and back. Me, I made excuses.

When this cycle failed I stood on the scale again--and again I quivered when 206 popped up on the digital display. How was it that I had gone from 195 pounds back up to 206 with no end in site if I allowed myself to keep going on at that rate. It was and is disgusting. So this past week with AF here I was at the gym or working out in some capacity.

Today not only did the scale say I was 3 pounds lighter--now a whopping 203 but I also did something else that I have NEVER done before. I ran for 30 minutes--I completed a 5K course, and then I biked another 8 miles for another 1/2 hour to round out my 60 minutes. It was a huge ego boost.

I imagine if I keep this up that maybe I can be at 195 when I go to NYC for my first check up to see if we qualify for the study. That will be 15 pounds heavier than I need to be...but its a step in the right direction....

And seeing as my GYN appointment is January 28th I will at least be able to step on the scale knowing that she will be able to move the notch down a peg from 200 this go around!

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  1. YAY for you! I wish I had done the same :) Progress is progress girl, keep up the good work!