Saturday, January 1, 2011


So much for my resolve to begin my training on the treadmill today.

The gym owners felt that their worker bees deserved the day off.

I know I sound like I'm complaining, and well, I guess I am...but really I'm not complaining about that. After all those poor worker bees are going to be inundated with those who don't currently have a membership who have resolved to join the gym, and by those who have a membership but whom haven't had their key fobs scanned in weeks, months, years...what ever the case may be. So I suppose that they too deserved a day to languish around in their sweat pants watching foot ball, eating cheese curls, and drinking champagne as well--not that I did any of those things.

Oh alright, I did languish in bed much of the day but I did not watch foot ball. Instead I treated myself to a Big Love marathon since I own (thanks to my wonderful husband) the first three seasons on DVD. Then I discovered that CMT (I think) is running a Dallas marathon so I switched over to that only to then remember that my folks in Cityville needed my attention. So while I have been glutinous AGAIN in my eating I haven't been a total potatoe...oh who am I kidding, I've been a total couch potato.

Tomorrow will be no better as I will be FORCED to eat cake at my nieces 1st birthday party. Can you believe it...cake...and I don't want to be rude, I will have to at least try a very small, middle piece that isn't covered in royal icing hunk of floury goodness that is covered in layers of sugar and red dye #2 icing so that people don't suspect that I could be A. STILL trying to get pregnant though not putting that much effort into it or B. Actually trying to loose weight or C. All of the above (C is the correct answer here folks).

On Monday when our company gave us off in honor of the holiday for some ungodly reason Pook and I are going skiing. I'm afraid one of us (me) will be coming home with a broken knee, ankle, elbow, shoulder, or pelvis. Any of the above would certainly put a damper on the year and certainly on any actual attempts at pregnancy or weight loss (which ever would like to come first) in the new year and beyond....

Lastly--it appears as though my body is also closed for the holiday as my AF still has refused to show up though she is giving me definitive signs that she is a coming...but she just isn't sure when. I'm guessing that due to the holidays that USBrooms has the old witch flying stand bye. My temps have dropped even further, I'm no longer bloated, and my left ovary isn't on fire. So any time now...just please NOT so that my next cycle might coincide with my appointment with my regular GYN as I already have a PTO day scheduled...

Now, after all of that don't you wish that this blog too was closed for the holiday?

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  1. My husband and I LOVE Big Love. We actually started netflixing the beginning and now are to the middle of Season 2. We are hooked:)