Saturday, January 15, 2011

It Was A Fluke...

Further proving why I should totally distrust the internet world is the fact that even reputable sites sometimes encounter problems!

Apparently they were having issues yesterday that were repeatedly brought to their attention but that took hours to correct. Now I can appreciate that, but still should you not have put on a service advisory regarding that? Simply state while you are unable to book passage from point A to point B online you can do so by calling our customer service line. Of course I didn't think about this until after I wrote yesterdays post in total knee jerk reaction.

My hubby, God love him, was the voice of reason. "Maybe you should call them and find out if it is true." He then suggested contacting a particular air line to see how much it would be to fly instead. He reasoned that it would cost us well over $200 to rent a car, pay turnpike tolls, and park so if I were able to locate an airline that cost around $200 then we could fly instead. Alas, flying while only taking 3 1/2 hours from our metro area to theirs cost $33 more than the cost of an IUI after our deductible of course. It was only then that I decided to call customer service and was advised that travel from Point A to Point B had been restored, and that I could in actuality schedule travel.

So unless we are with something unexpected between now and the 3rd of February we're on our way to the big city. We will travel over night--arriving in the big city 4 hours prior to my scheduled appointment time. This excites me because I can have breakfast with my hubby in a cafe, and then walk to the park before having our reproductive history revealed, reviewed, and then have it be decided if we're worthy of procreating for know like the majority of the population who gets drunk on a Saturday night and a few weeks later realizes "oops we forgot to call up the goalie" but not really for our plan involves not ounces of alcohol but beakers and a test tube or two...but at least we can tell Matthew or Kate or Andrew or heck maybe even something exotic like Zuess that his or her conception and ultimate birth was as far from being a fluke as you can get...

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  1. That's great news! It looks like it's going to work out after all! :-)