Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What Would You Do? AKA The Chance Of A LifeTime (Maybe)

I'm so afraid to put this out there for fear of jinxing it. In fact I didn't even tell my husband about this until three days after I applied for the program...

Ok...so I have passed two preliminary screenings to be part of a FULL TOUR IVF study. GULP.

What's the problem you ask?


On paper their criteria is:

A. Your insurance doesn't cover IVF--CHECK
B. You're 38 or under--CHECK
C. You have regular periods---uhm well, this is a problem...

Their requirements:

You or your insurance are responsible for the following testing:

All screening tests are required to be updated within one year of any IVF cycle. Genetic testing and blood type are only done once.

Female Testing:

* HIV 1 & 2
* Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
* Hepatitis C Antibody
* Rubella Titer
* Varicella Titer
* Blood type/Rh
* Pap smear
* GC (gonorrhea)
* Chlamydia
* CBC (complete blood count)

Male Testing:

* HIV 1 & 2
* Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
* Hepatitis C Antibody

Genetic Testing:

All patients:

* Fragile X
* Cystic Fibrosis

Of course these must be completed at or before your first visit which is when they determine if you can fully participate in the program. Alas this concerns me--I'm not worried about any of the above, but what I am worried about is how they will be coded for the insurance. I'm also concerned that my own GYN won't be willing to do the testing without a script.

Other concerns: The clinic is many hours away--do I really want to have these tests done only to be told I do not qualify for the study?

On paper I'm a candidate based on age, insurance requirements etc...but what if they have weight requirements that weren't listed? I'm over weight lets be honest. I have had a miscarriage. It took us TEN YEARS to get pregnant with our son only to experience his loss. I'm not exactly a statistical bullet that the doctors are going to jump on.

Then there is the requirement of regular periods--on my own I do not qualify--I don't have regular periods because I don't ovulate on my own. I understand they want regularity for the initial testing so that they can keep the groups together, but that can be controlled...and will be...

If I'm on Provera, birth control or under ovulation induction I have a period...and back to back those are for all intents and purposes regular...


Here is my plan--I'm going to call tomorrow and ask if 1. They can send scripts for the testing-after all I'm not convinced that my GYN will do the testing without them. If they won't then I will follow the following plan--

Today I'm on CD 3.
Sunday I will begin day 1 of birth control--this is the plan due to cysts from our failed cycle.
January 28th I have my yearly GYN appointment--current papsmear!
February 2nd my period should begin.
February 4th I will be at the clinic for my testing (assuming that the GYN won't do them), and for my exam to determine full eligibility.

Still I'm nervous. What would you do. Would you throw caution and cash to the wind and pay for the testing in the hopes that you're accepted or would you cut your losses having not lost anything and try again with ovulation induction that your insurance covers knowing that it took you 10 years to get pregnant before...knowing that your 36...and knowing that despite your best arguments to the contrary that you do really want to have at least one baby...this could be the chance of a life time, but seriously what would you do???

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  1. What a predicament! I think if I had the funds available immediately I would go for it!! No guts, no glory, right? :-) But seriously, maybe you could submit the receipts to your insurance for at least partial reimbursement? Or maybe what you pay out will help you on your 2011 taxes to get a bigger refund? Kind of look at it like paying the money now, but you might at least get some of it back?

    Good luck to you!!!!