Friday, January 14, 2011

Just Another Hurdle?

Since we got our foot in the door for the IVF study I've been constantly worrying about the reasons why we wouldn't be accepted. I never once dreamed that one of the reasons we wouldn't be accepted would be due to a potential no show. Of course most people would immediately have booked their travel plans-handed over the credit card or hit send on the internet landing page as soon as they had the confirmation email in hand, but having recently had an email account hacked I've been leery of doing anything via the internet that I can't do in person preferably with cash as I've had to cancel my favorite piece of plastic as a result of the hack, but I've been adjusting to that change.

With only three weeks remaining until I will be in the stirrups for possible entry into the IVF foray it was time to book our transport. At last check there was non stop service from our metro area to the big city 7 hours away. Today there isn't. No matter what destination I chose to arrive at leaving from our local hub I was unsuccessful in obtaining passage. It didn't matter if I chose Philly to NY or Philly to Washington DC or Philly to Virginia Beach. It simply did not matter what the local there was simply no services to be had. I contacted the company and inquired about the possibility of a web error, or to see if perhaps their services has changed, but no there is no error. Service to our hub has been terminated.

My wonderful hubby has suggested that we drive ourselves, but I just don't know...I can't help but wonder if this hurdle isn't the sign that I asked for since I've started praying about this being the next step in our journey. A part of me can't help but wonder if perhaps this isn't where we're supposed to head. Perhaps with the changes to our insurance, and the sudden lack of a hub in our area makes me wonder if it hasn't been obvious all along...


  1. Are you trying to fly? I thought it was only an hour from Philly to NYC by air?

  2. No, not flying--and not leaving from Philly-since my accounts were hacked I refuse to disclose actual local or names.