Sunday, January 16, 2011

Comfort Food...

This morning I got up and took the dog out. I made a mental note that I should throw some salt down on the patch of ice between the over hang of the patio and the front walk after the dog went sailing across in her exuberance to eliminate. Of course I apparently forgot by the time she was done and by the time hubby and I went out for our weekly Sunday breakfast. Well not forgot, just simply didn't follow through.

I even mentioned this to hubs as we walked out "Oh be careful B slid across a patch of ice this morning..." His response "I know, I almost took a sill on it last night before bed when I took her out." So please note that two responsible adults were both aware of said ice patch yet neither one of them did anything about it...

We went to breakfast, and had a great time chatting up our tattoo covered favorite waitress. We watched the old couple that always comes in at the same time every Sunday morning and wondered if that would be us some day-Her nagging him because he didn't hear what she said, and him telling her to quit picking on him. Oh wait, that's us now. We paid the bill, then headed to Wally World to pick up nacho chips and soap. We then came home, I leading the way up the walk--now having totally forgotten about the patch of ice that would soon be the cause of my fall...

I reached out in an attempt to grab the pillar that holds the roof above the patio but to no avail. In seconds I heard and felt my knee and hip making contact with the cold cement below, followed in quick succession with my hand when it sent a quiver up my extended arm into my shoulder. My husband not missing a beat picked up my purse, keys, and bag of chips--confirming that they weren't damaged--gee honey thanks...but how about me? I think I'm broken.

My hip and knee upon examination were turning lovely shades of molted pink, red, and ultimately a lovely egg plant purple. So I decided instead of my original plan of waiting until dinner to eat again, and then hitting the gym that I should instead curl up on the couch--eating Nacho's Bel-Pookey. Ah comfort food, it may not be healthy but it sure beats falling on the ice any day!


Whole Grain Nacho Chips
Ground Turkey browned with Taco Seasoning
Mexican Rice
Green Onions
Sour Cream

I looked up Nacho's Bel Grande on my weight loss ap and well lets just say that after the Jet's loose...pain in my knee or not...I will be on the treadmill...

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  1. Oh no!! That sounds brutal! Hope you're not laid up for too long. I'm totally jealous of vegging out on the couch with nachos tho!! :-)