Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby Steps To The Baby...

At 7:30 I picked up my cell phone and dialed the phone number. Well I dialed it incorrectly the first FOUR times, but that was not due to nerves but rather due to my touch screen on my cell phone. The fifth time was a charm and a real live person answered the phone. Of course after I rambled on about who I was and why I was calling the voice on the other end advised that I needed to talk to Matt and that it was early and that he wouldn't arrive until 9:30. Alrighty then I will call at 10 a.m.

At 10 I dialed the phone again only this time I got the voice mail. Oh how I hate voice mail. I left my pertinent information and then carried my phone with me everywhere I went even if it was to the desk across the office. I couldn't miss the phone call should it arrive.

Alas I called again at lunch since I still hadn't heard from them and then promptly emailed my husband that I was going stir crazy because I hadn't heard from them. Then it happened. Just as I was picking up my desk phone my cell started to vibrate. The client was disconnected and the cell picked up.

The voice on the phone was not that of a Matt much less a male, but rather a very nice young woman who promptly scheduled my first appointment. They can not of course order my blood work or chlamydia swab because I'm not officially a patient as of yet BUT once I go for my first appointment they will send me home with all the lab slips I need to have those done! The way she talked it was as if I were already part of the program--which is dangerous because the fall if I'm not accepted is going to be a high one!

The last surprise came when after we scheduled my appointment she said to me "We will see you AND your partner on February 4th at 10:30" Uhm hold up what? My partner, you mean my husband? Well of course you mean my husband I knew what you meant but wow I didn't think you'd need him yet. Alas they want him so that he can also give consent as well as a sample of the seed that will become our baby...

Baby steps...I'm so nervous about this. So many things could go wrong but as I told two girl friends today if this works out it will be as if we received a gift of $10, steps...I'm on dollar number $4....and that's a long way from $10,000!

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  1. Hi first time visitor here! Glad you got your appointment!