Saturday, November 13, 2010


I've accepted that we're not pregnant this cycle. Sigh. That means there are only two left before the change to our insurance could possibly preclude any additional attempts.

My temp dropped a whole .05 point--AF is on her way.

I'm cramping something fierce--AF is on her way.

My painful breast are now soft, and pain free--AF is on her way.

I've accepted this, and will move on as always. I'm hoping that given my PCOS status that we do not have to take a cycle off, but I'm not totally convinced that we won't. I've only ever had ONE back to back cycle and that was in the days of Femera mixed with a light dose of Follistim. So I'm not overtly hopeful. I've accepted this as my fate as well.

IF we do have to take next month off I plan on completing the remainder of my NON emergent dental work. I'm going to get my crown place, and a cleaning completed. Then hopefully we will have a successful next time with NO dental or medical emergencies that occur at 3 days post ovulation.

And yes...the irony of the following is not lost on me--the abscess started the day after I ovulated, and it ended the day before my period will start. The hygienist agreed that the abscess was very likely perpetuated by hormones. Sigh.

I will say I'm ubber excited to get back to my water aerobics class too. Missing a week and a half was never in my plan--I had intended to relieve OHSS, and any resulting PMS by being the water...but again...the best laid plans...I guess I need to be more accepting of those failing too....

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