Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well here I sit CD 2. Sigh. That means I pulled a whopping 11 day LP. Blah.

We're off this month which I expected as is my norm. So this means we have ONE cycle that remains before our insurance changes. Adding insult to injury NO injections unless they are given by a doctor in his/her office, and the co pay has gone up by $20 an injection. At that rate I can't afford it. Hopefully the puppy will fill some void when she comes home in a week and a half!

The puppy is coming home in a week and a half! A co-worker said "I'm surprised you're not talking about it 24-7" I answered the way I would if I were pregnant "Well I want to make sure everything is OK before I let my guard down. I want to be holding her in my arms before I really let it sink in" WOW...that speaks volumes.

I got a "new" car. An old new car. I have a love of Neon's and well my hubby found me one that is perfect. Its a 98', and in excellent condition. It only has 115K miles on it, and is in excellent condition--I think it runs better than her big sister who is 10 years younger. Sure I will be jealous when my husband trades "his car" in on a 2011 beauty, but hey I love Neons!!

With AF here I still can't get back to my water aerobics class, and that bums me out...but soon I hope! Soon!!! If nothing else I can be sure I will be walking the dog around the block soon!

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