Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CD 16, AKA Day 1 of Provera...

Today marks day 16 of a nothing cycle.  Heck, even if I have ovulated--insert laugh track here--I can't tell you the last time my husband and I were intimate.  We're doing great relationship wise but we're both busy.  He's been going into work early and coming home late with the exception of today when he went in early and left on time.  Of course when I got home I loaded the dishwasher, played with the puppy, and then immediately after cooking and eating headed over to my water aerobics class.  Alright, back to the original topic...which was not to outline my day...

I'm on CD 16 which marks day 1 of Provera.  I will take it until cycle day 25.  Now in an ideal cycle this means I will start my period on Cd 28.  Now when I first started taking Provera that is exactly what happened.  Of course by the second cycle I started my period on CD 25 even as I took my little white pill religiously.  So why is this important this go around?

Well, should all go well then my CD 3 will be 12/15.  That date is significant as it was my due date for our baby boy in 2008.  I find it remarkable that two years would have passed since his birth.  I know that likely he would actually have been born on the 1st or 2nd of December as I have elevated sugar levels--not quite high enough for type 2 diabetes, but not low enough to be considered normal.  So when I got pregnant and was told my due date the doctor said "but don't expect to go that long, we will likely induce you two weeks early."  Still, since our little guy didn't make it even to the month of December I still hold the 15th for him.

I try not to look into "signs" but I can't help but hope that maybe just maybe given that this will be our last cycle that perhaps our baby is looking down on us and is whispering in Gods ear that its time...Of course on the flip side my FSH could be well over 30, and my antral follicle well below 10...and then it won't matter what the date...but for now lets not worry about any of that...instead cheers as I tip my glass of water and swallow the first of 10 little white pills that hold the key to starting my next period!


  1. Gotta love medically induced periods! I'm getting familiar with them! What I love more though, is a blogging award and I just gave you The Cherry on Top Award - you sounded like you needed a boost and I enjoy your posts. Go to my blog and grab the pic for yours.