Wednesday, November 24, 2010

She Wants A Bra For Christmas...Oh So Thankful...

Why am is my title on the day before Thanksgiving about a Christmas wish?

At work yesterday they hung copies of three giving trees. One in accounting, one in the kitchen, and one in the kitchen. On each hangs 5-10 tags with green ribbon. On those tags is a request from a young man or woman who is between the age of 15-17. These children middle year teens live in a group home for foster children who don't have even a temporary home. Thus they were charged with writing down their one please note ONE Christmas wish on a tag and that tag was sent to us.

Yesterday I looked through the requests on the kitchen tree. One young man wanted a foot ball, another wanted very specific tennis shoes, and yet another requested a Taco Bell gift card. "I will get one of these another day" I told my cynical self. Taco Bell for Christmas really? Of course not realizing that what I take for granted as I drive to work daily is a true treat for this young man. Yet when I pulled the tag I chose this morning I didn't choose that one. Instead my eye caught a tag written by a 16 year old young lady, and her WISH broke my heart.

I remember being 16 and asking for a new book, or sweater, or a CD or two but never would I wish to receive what this girl asked for. Her request was for a Bra, and she listed her size 36DD. Her request broke my heart for its such a simple NEED that I also take for granted. In my drawer on any given day are 6 bras for me to choose from and another 3 to wear to the gym at night. Yet this young girl likely only has one, and even that is a maybe.

I pulled her tag and decided that not only will I buy her the requested bra, but I'm also going to buy her something fun. Perhaps a good book to read, or a a gift card to a store that would appeal to her age. Not because she asked but because I'm so blessed and oh so thankful. We weren't rich by any means but we don't want for basic needs as does this girl.

Tomorrow we will break bread with our family. Tomorrow night I will cuddle with my niece who will join me for our annual Black Friday pilgrimage to the mall. Tomorrow as I should be every day I will be grateful that my name has never appeared on a giving tree, nor have I ever had to ask for a basic necessity such as a bra for Christmas...

Have a happy, safe, and full holiday with your families tomorrow and remember to look around the table that we have much to be thankful for.


  1. Just stopping by to say Happy Thanksgiving. ICLW is fun, but a bit stressful; everyone is making dinner and I'm working on my comments! Enjoy the day with your family.

  2. In leiu of buying our spoiled families gifts this year, we're adopting a family for christmas. I passed up the kids who wanted a new x-box game for christmas, etc. and we chose a family of 2 single mom's who only want things for their daughters (and one mom wants winter shoes). Amazing how blessed we are isn't it?