Monday, November 8, 2010

De Pain...De Pain...

I haven't bothered to step on a scale in forever. I haven't been to the gym since Tuesday or Wednesday of last week. First I didn't want to mess anything up after the science experiment. Then on Saturday I woke up with a horrific pain in the roof of my mouth. If I laid down it hurt worse, if I ate it hurt worse than that. Today I found myself in the dentists chair.

"I could be pregnant" I explained. Granted very early, but still I could be and they took that very seriously. The hygienist offered to "double cover me" just in case but I told her I didn't think that was necessary. Lets be completely honest I ovulated on Thursday so I'm 4 days post ovulate if I am pregnant the embryo, or would it be considered a blast at this point, I don't know...anyway, if I am destined to be pregnant nothing is really going on there yet...

Still they prescribed Keflex which is safe during pregnancy, or as safe as it can be during pregnancy. Then next Thursday--BETA day I'm having a tooth pulled. At least by then the pain and swelling will be gone...from my mouth anyway.

As for the rest of me my breasts are KILLING ME. I'm 100% certain that its from the Ovidrel.

I've also started cramping.

Of course I suppose I should be glad that when I take Tylenol that my boobs still hurt and all but I'm realistic...its very likely the shot...of course if I completely believe that then why did I buy a dual pack of Answer pregnancy tests?

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