Monday, November 1, 2010

National Blog Posting Month

I'm not sure if I signed up correctly or not but I'm going to pretend like I did. 

While I've seen the thirty posts in thirty days with "questions" to answer I don't think that this is what that is.  Again, I could be wrong but again I'm going to pretend like I'm not.  All I know is that I'm supposed to post every day for thirty days, and I suppose I can handle that.

I'm skipping my wet work out tonight. There are a few reasons. First work is a nightmare. I seriously wish I was independently wealthy and could walk away. Our department of 8 has been cut in half since May. Our workload however has increased by 66% on a daily basis. Secondly my ovary-yes singular-the one on the left specifically is quite uncomfortable. This makes perfect sense as that is where the bulk of my 6 follicles are. My fear is OHSS given that even when briefly pregnant I never had ovarian pain!

Tomorrow is my 36th birthday, along with trigger day. GULP. I'm nervous about both. If I become pregnant then I will have ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE plastered across my medical chart. They will certainly request that we proceed with amniocentesis, chronic villa sampling, and other tests that I am 100% not interested in undergoing. Alternately if I don't become pregnant we're all the closer to the day when our insurance no longer covers our meds. Sigh.

Tomorrow being my birthday I will be at work. Ugh. Then I am going to my water aerobics class providing my ovaries haven't exited my body through my belly button. Following that my hubby plans on taking me to an Italian dinner complete with Spumoni no excuses I must get to my water aerobics class...I must I must...I must!

Until then I bid you a fond NaBloPoMo!


  1. Happy birthday and good luck with the triggering!

  2. Welcome to blogging. This is a great community full of support. Please visit my blog to learn about the non profit I started to help those building families through adoption or assisted reproductive technology. We just received news of our first baby. He came home to his family after his parents received one of our grants.
    Best wishes.