Thursday, November 11, 2010


I'm 7 dpo today.

One moment I think with great certainty that YES we did it, I'm pregnant! Then in the next moment I think with equally great certainty that NO we did NOT do it I'm positively NOT pregnant.

Of course I have taken more pain meds than the average bear for my excruciatingly painful tooth. I don't think the antibiotics are touching the infection despite my diligence in taking my antibiotic on the ever 6 hour routine as prescribed. I was however able to move my appointment from next Wednesday for extraction to tomorrow which is where the nerves come in.

If I had been able to wait until Wednesday I would know with definitiveness if the science experiment worked or not. However I'm so miserable and do not believe that the antibiotic is working. Solution? We need to get the tooth out, and it needs to come out now pregnant or not.

For the moment I'm attempting to be nervous about one issue at a time, and right now since the only outcome I can control is that of my tooth...well that's what I will worry about. For after tomorrow I will have an additional 5 days to be nervous about the state of my uterus...

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