Tuesday, November 2, 2010

They Say It's My Birthday (and Trigger Day)

I'm handling 36 far better than 35. I'm not certain why...well yes I am. It's because we had drawn the "official" line in the sand of TTC at 35 and to me that was the death knell. I had miscarried in 2008, and that meant I only had approximately 15 months to "get er done" but alas that didn't happen and as such the line got moved. I'm almost inclined to move it even more after hearing the following stories--

My grandmother (mom's mom) was 38 when she had my mom--10 years between she and my uncle. Infertile much? Of course when those questions are asked they go unanswered. Sigh.

My mom's 92 year old teacher whom joins us for family dinners periodically--Her brothers were 19 and 20 when her mother gave birth to her 2 weeks before her 45th birthday! Yes my eyes got wide on that one!

A facebook friend whom I babysat for--had long given up the notion that she would get pregnant--on her 40th birthday discovers that she is pregnant with her one and only daughter (not knowing at that juncture if she really wanted to be pregnant).

So who was I to worry about doctors abject advice that 35 is "advanced maternal age" Seriously. I'm not suggesting that one should purposely wait until 35 to begin their family if they can avoid it, but who says one should still try at 35? Not me!

So today...my plans are these...go to work..urgh, go to my aerobics class, at 7 p.m. trigger for ovulation!!! Then go to a lovely Spaghetti dinner at my favorite NON CHAIN Italian restaurant. I can almost taste the sour dough bread that they bring on a paddle complete with sour cream butter. Yum!

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