Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise...

I woke with fear today. I was certain that I had already ovulated. The pain in my Left ovary certainly was ovulation. I checked my cervix. It was LOW, it was HARD, and it was CLOSED. Not only wasn't I ovulating today but I had missed my window completely. If I could have thrown myself back under the covers and cried I would have, but instead I got up and got dressed and headed out to the office.

At 8:15 I headed to the bathroom and that is when it started. There on the TP was a copious amount of yellowish blood tinged EWCM. Shortly after that the cramping in my RIGHT ovary started. It was 39 hours after my trigger shot, and as the survey says--36-40 hours later you will ovulate. Of course I wouldn't rest until I knew for sure, and a quick peak says...ovulating.
Tonight I ran to the grocery store, having skipped my water aerobics class for obvious reasons and per the norm I got register coupons. I got 5 coupons-one for each item I purchased. Mind you NONE of them had anything to do with babies yet the coupon on top was for a container of formula. I didn't bother to look at the expiration date, but it made me smile. Baby formula coupons.

I'm pregnant until proven otherwise folks, and I couldn't be happier!

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  1. That's great! I hope this turns out to be THE CYCLE for you!

    I loved reading your posts because I find myself doing the same thing.... I'm constantly second-guessing whether I actually ovulated or not... I thought I was the only losing my mind over whether the CM is stretchy or EW! hehehe

    Good luck to you! Can't wait to follow your journey too. :-)