Monday, December 27, 2010

5 Days Post The Big Big O...

Today finds me sitting firmly at 5 dpo.

I wish I could say that I feel like something is going on that leads me to believe that I'm the big P, alas I feel no differently today than I did 10 days ago when I was sitting at 5 days prior to ovulation. I know at this stage of the game there isn't anything going on that should indicate that something might be going on but still...I would hope for something...

Our holiday was grand.

My husband and I had a wonderful weekend full of activity, food, friends and gifts.

On Christmas Eve we celebrated together as we always do. We got up and went to breakfast-apparently there was a tiff between our waitress and the other waitress on the floor. Let me just say there was no Christmas love being shared there! When we got home we exchanged our gifts--one in particular brought a tear to my eye. I am now the very happy owner of a 1/4 karat Open Heart Necklace. I was shocked because I hadn't asked for it, and second because it had been many many moons ago that I mentioned my love of them. It was quite a shock!

On Christmas Day we woke early again and headed to my parents home. My sister, niece, and nephew came and joined us for breakfast which I cooked to give mom a break. My nephew who is 5 was getting very antsy and at one point turned on my Mom's CD player and decreed "You have until the end of this song to finish cleaning up then I'm opening everyone's presents" My one year old niece was more interested in the balls on the tree than the gifts under it, while my Mother and Husband continually had heart attacks when she would take one of the tree and put it in her mouth--as if I would let her keep it there!

The day after Christmas we hosted a party here. EVERYONE we invited arrived at once with the exception of one couple who came after all of those people had left. It was a very full, very long day for all...but it was a delightful one none the less. Now if I can figure out a way to reduce the number of jello salads, cookies, pies, and left over rigatoni that I have in the fridge I will deem that cycle of events a success.

As for the other cycle in which this post is entitled...well we still have a few days to ponder that one but if I were a betting woman I would say that like all the others with the exception of AJ's, that this too is a bust. However being 5 dpo I do reserve the right to change my opinion of that status at any time!

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