Thursday, December 16, 2010

I've Got Some News For You....

"I"m pregnant..."

Not me of course.  Hell I had to look at the calendar to actually remember what cycle day I am on.  Cycle day 9 if any one really wants to know.  I really loose track at this point as I go for blood letting on a daily basis now and its become rather monotonous. husband has been estranged from his family for a year.  It was completely by his choice, and for good reason but it always bothered me.  So I asked him if he wanted me to send his parents a Christmas card.  When he agreed I did, and I then gave them his cell phone number.  His mother called on Tuesday and left a voice mail.  His sister called tonight.  His unmarried, unemployed, I've had my car repossessed sister who tells him "I've got some news for you..."  As he relayed to me he knew what the news was before the words escaped her lips.

He told her he was happy for her if this is what she wants--he also found out that she is 16 weeks along and due in May.

Me, I'm rather numb.  I have come a long way in regard to pregnancy announcements.  My own sister was in the same boat as my hubby's sister when she announced she was pregnant, minus the repossession of course.  My reaction was to cry, wail and beg for death.  With her second baby I lied and told her how happy I was for her, and that no I didn't wish it were me at all. With this baby--a baby that I'm only connected too by marriage I'm numb against.

As I told my hubby--he has some decisions to make in how he is going to be with his family before we even cross the bridge of how I'm expected to handle being an aunt by marriage.  As he pointed out he has 5 months before either become a real pressing issue.  Of course by then I know we're both hoping that we have some news of our own...

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