Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Own Pity Party...

Biology like faith has failed me.

There is no way I could have gotten pregnant this cycle.

My P4 is so low that my temps are already falling in response. My left ovary is likely covered in cysts based on the pain emanating from it. We will know for sure on CD 3 when they will finally relent and do an ultrasound. OHSS has been ruled out.

To say I'm bummed out already at 7 dpo is an understatement.

We followed the identical protocol that we followed when I got pregnant.

5 dpo progesterone was 75.
6 dpo breasts started to hurt.
7 dpo soft cervix, increased CM
8 dpo mood swings that made me certain that I was PMSing
9 dpo Taco Bell cravings
10 dpo implantation spotting.
11-13 dpo all of the above less the implantation spotting.
14 dpo BFP.

This cycle

5 dpo p4 was 16.

Offered HCG booster to try to stabilize lining, but really whats the point? I'm not pregnant. That is completely obvious, and based on the changes to our insurance as of Saturday morning this was likely our last cycle...It failed, I already know this. Bring on the booze and the ski trip on Monday...maybe if I get lucky I will be the victim of an avalanche...or at least a rouge snow boarder who puts me in a coma until menopause...


  1. I'm so sorry and disappointed for you that this cycle didn't work. :-( I know there's nothing to say that would make you feel better but just know I'll be thinking about you.

  2. Poopy :( And that's a total understatement :(