Saturday, December 18, 2010

Connecting The Dots...

While my husband is completely over his cold I am not.  Mine started yesterday with a sore throat and a foul mood.  Today I woke with an even worse sore throat, and clogged ears.  Of course he apologized for getting me sick, and then offered to buy me any number of cold and flu remedies only to be reminded that Tylenol or Benedryl are the only things that I can take Sigh.

Tonight was supposed to be a two shot night that became three.

See I'm on CD 11 and that means both FSH and Ganirelix.  The dual dose started last night in an attempt to prevent early ovulation--Ironic isn't it?  You give yourself one shot to grow eggs so that you will ovulate, and then you have to give yourself another so that you don't ovulate too early.  Then a few days after that you give yourself yet another shot to countermand that injection so that your nice plump follicles actually spew forth their prize.  Put a quarter in me, and turn the knob!

Anyway, I discovered that if you chill the Ganirelix that it doesn't sting like a bee when you inject your belly. However what I didn't count on was a deep purple bruise instead of the normal light yellow green one.  I also did not count on my Follistim only having 25 IU's left in my cartridge when one is expected to give themselves 175 units on a nightly basis.  So tonight instead of two injections I was required to do 3.  I'm telling you by the time I inject that Ovidrel I'm going to be able to connect the dots on my belly and make a very interesting abstract piece of art work.

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