Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Query...

It's Christmas Day!

I hope Santa was good to all of you. He certainly was to me this year. Of course if it weren't for a very important birth we wouldn't be celebrating this day at all. Of course all too quickly once the snow has melted and the days have become longer we will celebrate that very babes death. 33 years in just 5 short months, remarkable.

Anyway...It's Christmas Day! I'm 2 days post ovulation! As I type this I'm slightly crampish, but nothing horrible or indicative that in a few days I will be gulping Gatorade and chicken broth by the bucketful. However there was an oddity to the day. One that I wasn't clearly able to investigate as I was sharing space with a 12 month old and her 5 year old brother who didn't care that a closed bathroom door meant DO NOT ENTER!

I urinated, wiped and there it was a copious amount of EWCM with enough blood in it to tinge it yellow. I've never experienced this before. It's way to early for implantation, but far too late for ovulation as I triggered many days ago. So what the heck could it be? In my mind if it was residual blood from ovulation it would have been brown, and the CM shouldn't be EW but rather creamy. Alas biology says that ovulation occurred 2 days ago and implantation should conception have occurred won't happen for another 5 days at minimum. Again I ask...what the heck was that???

Any suggestions???

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