Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hormonal Much?

I am seriously feeling overwhelmed tonight.

At first I couldn't explain it.

I had a pretty good day at work.  Then I came home...

I stepped in dog poop-obviously it belonged to a dog far larger than the little bits our puppy produces.  Of course this was done unknowingly so I tracked dog poop through my entry way, into the dining room, through the hall and into our bedroom before taking them off--at which time I still hadn't realized I had done it.  No that didn't come until my husband yelled "Did you step in dog shit?"  while i was in the bathroom.  "I don't know I"m in bare feet and in the bathroom"  Alas when I checked my boot sure enough the evidence indicted me, I had indeed stepped in dog poop.  Out came the steam cleaner and my mood.  I needed to go to the grocery store, bake a cake, and try to get to my water aerobics class--oh and at some point eat dinner.  In no particular order.  My husband offered to clean the carpet, but no I had to play the martyr.  I steam cleaned every inch and more that I had tracked up.

When that was done I started the cake, and set the timer and then I headed to the grocery store.

Upon my return home I discovered that while the dog attempted to urinate on her puppy pad she did so on the edge and ultimately got urine on the tile.  This was when I discovered that I was missing the paper towels that were part of my $70 "quick trip" to the store.  Immediately I yelled at my husband about how frustrated I was and how overwhelmed I was feeling.  Of course I then yelled because he wouldn't go back to the grocery store to retrieve my missing paper towels.

Second trip to the grocery store I secure my paper towels and growled at the Salvation Army bell ringers who wished me a Merry Christmas.  I didn't even bother buckle my seat belt nor did I show courtesy to the driver in front of me by giving them at least 3 feet of personal space between my vehicle and theirs.   When I got home I apologized for being so nasty and proceeded to thank my hubby for unpacking the backs.  This all went to hell when I said "Where is the frosting?"  He looked at me crossed eyed "Frosting?  There wasn't any frosting and you forgot my grapes too"  according to my receipt I didn't.  So he checked and marked off the items that we were missing.  Of course this time I really went off the deep end and added some tears to my ultimate frustration.

My third trip I was successful, I found the items that were missing, and was able to finally complete the circuit.  I apologized again to my long suffering husband and then proceeded cry again just because I could.  I never did make it to the gym, and the cake is still not done...but I am bound and determine that by the time I go to bed that I will have completed my sweet treat for work tomorrow...which TGIF because if I had to put in any more time I would so go further off the deep end...

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  1. If one more thing sets me off crying during the next round of clomid!!! So happy I'm taking a month off ((or two))