Saturday, December 4, 2010

Crying Over Spilled Soda...

Today was going swimmingly.

My hubby worked this morning to add to his over time bank.  I had a girlfriend and her 2 year old daughter come over for a photo shoot-she needed an inexpensive gift for her husband who is a "99er"  and she likes my photography.  I threw hot sausage and meat balls in the crock pot and even started making my hand made Christmas cards for the year.

Then it happened.  I was sitting on the couch with hubby once he got home and managed to spill a glass of Diet Dr. Pepper on me, him, the couch and more importantly my laptop.

I immediately jumped up for paper towels instead of shutting the computer down and that is likely where I made my error.  Liquid managed to get to the mother board and fried it. 

"I've already spent enough money on your Christmas gifts..."  My husband advised me when I asked if we could replace it.  He has offered to transfer my data from my hard drive which is likely undamaged to his computer but as far as having ease of movement and privacy well that is all gone.

I spent 30 minutes in tears as I tried to take my laptop apart-not that it would do any good. 

After Thursday I thought that I could catch up hormonally and that not every little thing would set me off, but this did.  I once again feel vulnerable, and out of sorts.  I should be grateful, my husband bought me a car three weeks ago.  Its used, but its mine.  I can't then be ungrateful and demand that he plunk down $400 on a laptop just so I can blog in private...but that doesn't mean I can't cry over it.

I hate December...have I mentioned that?

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