Sunday, December 12, 2010

Puppy Angst...

Three weeks ago we brought home our adorable fur ball.  We raved about how good she is.

This weekend she has completely reverted to a tiny terror. 

Week 1 she had THREE accidents in 7 days.

This weekend in two days she has had FOUR.  Even though we are diligent in making sure that she is taken outside every hour she continues to test our patience.

The poor cat hasn't been able to have free rein all weekend because said little puppy has decided that terrorizing her is top priority.  The poor cat is 8 years old, all she wants to do is curl up in a ball and sit on someones lap.  She does not want a 3 1/2 pound hair ball to chase her whenever the mood strikes her.

This morning took the cake.  We're crate training until she decided that she can be trusted not to eat the Christmas tree, chew the grape vine rocking chair, pee on the carpet etc.  At night she is put to bed with her beloved candy cane chew toy-and her blanket.  She sleeps from 10:30-6 a.m.  this has not been deviated from until today that is.  At 5:45 I hear whining outside our bedroom door.  Unusual I thought since her crate is in the living room, but then I discovered why--she had UNZIPPED her crate, crawled under under the blanket we cover said crate with and found our bedroom in the dark.  She was oh so pleased with herself until she discovered that not only is it cold today but that is also raining.

Which leads me to another issue--it's raining so guess who refuses to try to go potty know because its wet, and she doesn't like being wet...sigh.

I keep thinking if a puppy is this hard imagine how difficult the baby is going to be!  Of course the baby won't be able to escape from his or her crib until he or she is able to stand up on their own...

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