Friday, December 10, 2010

So It Begins...and Being DONE!!!

Today was an exceptionally busy day before, during, and after working hours.

It's cycle day three and we all know what that means.  The poking and prodding has begun.  I keep watching the minutes tick away until the appointed hour when I will inject myself with egg promoting FSH. 

During work we were crazy for the 7 hours that I was required to focus.  For one additional hour two co-workers and I enjoyed an Italian lunch.  Of course my mind was else where during those 60 minutes and I remember little if any of the conversation that was had around me.  Still it was nice to get away from the bustle that is my working day.

Immediately after work I headed to the local shopping complex less than a mile from home and completed my hubby's Christmas shopping.  He very much wanted an Ipod touch, and well he got one.  He is going to be SO excited.  He mentioned awhile ago that he too would like a basket ball so that he could shot hoops.  In my brilliance knowing that he would recognize the shape of the Ipod touch alone or in a different box I ended up taping it to the top of the basketball box.  I put the box on top of all of that and hope that he will be none the wiser.  I way over spent this year, but I figure that its an event that only comes once a year and we did get our bonuses what the heck!

So now, with the exception of finishing my Christmas cards--which are also home made I'm done and it feels great.  Of course now the real craziness begins for in 28 minutes I have to stab my tummy and hope that in 4 weeks that I will be telling you guys that I'm pregnant!!

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  1. I love the idea of taping the Ipod to the basketball! He's going to be surprised!!!!

    Hope the shots aren't so bad... and you get a nice fat BFP to start the new year off right! :-)